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Bed Bug Control

A Bed Bug Control in Brentford Designed For You

A bed bug infestation can cause allergic reactions, rashes, and other skin problems. A severe invasion can cause sleep deprivation and stress related issues. Let experts from our bed bug control service in Brentford quickly solve all your problems with eco-friendly products and equipment.

Our Bed Bug Control in Brentford Explained

Bed Bug Control Brentford Every inch of the rooms affected by bed bugs will be treated, but they must be clear of personal belongings. We’ll spray mattresses, headboards, carpets, curtains, and so much more! This proven insecticide is the only one on the UK market with a 100% knock-down effect, but it does have a low toxicity when airborne so you can’t stay on the same floor when the treatment is being carried out. This bed bug control in Brentford is carried out over two weekly appointments, just two weeks apart. After the initial treatment, the insecticide used next has a three month residual effect on previously treated surfaces, which prevents re-infestation. Remember if you book a guaranteed service you can request up to two follow-up visits within a three month period after the initial treatment.

We’ll ask you to do a few simple things before we arrive at your property. These will include removing pets and fish, bagging up bedding in the bedroom and giving it a hot wash, vacuuming carpets, mattress edges, skirting boards, and holes or cracks in the walls. We’ll need to have access behind any furniture – if you could pull it away from the walls that would be a great help.

Upon completion of the treatment, the house needs to be empty for about two hours for the poisons to settle. On return you should open all doors and windows for about ten minutes, and try not to vacuum for at least four days! It’s of great importance that you sleep in the affected bedrooms the same evening as your treatment to encourage lost bugs to come into contact with the treated surfaces and die. You’ll be given a full list of instructions, so there’s no need to be concerned.

Get a Bed Bug Control in Brentford from an Insured Provider

With years of experience eliminating all types of vermin, professionals from our bed bug control service in Brentford are thoroughly trained to carry out duties to an extremely high standard. You can also benefit from:

Bed Bug Control Brentford

  • A customer service that’s available 24/7 by phone or email
  • Special discounts when you add our insect control and our flea control service, for example, to your order
  • Flexible appointments including weekends and Bank Holidays for no extra fee
  • Quality services recognised by thousands of customers