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Cockroach Control

Complete Cockroach Control in Brentford

Cockroach Control BrentfordCockroaches are quick to locate food sources and can live on any organic matter, including the contents of your sewage! Infestations can occur in any wet, warm places in your property, and you’re unlikely to see a cockroach in the daytime. If you suspect an invasion, you’ll need to contact our service for cockroach control in Brentford. We’ll deal with any issues quickly and effectively. Your experienced pest exterminator will have a choice of treatments available to eradicate your infestation completely. This can normally be achieved in just one visit. The bait gel option is proven to have a knock-on effect, as when eaten the cockroach dies within 24 hours. Other cockroaches then feed on the body and spread the gel into the nest, killing off the entire population.

Effective Treatments for Cockroach Control in Brentford

An alternative treatment is the spraying of insecticide. This provides a three month residual effect on treated surfaces, one which also guarantees an instant kill, and prevents re-infestation during this time. If you choose our guaranteed service for cockroach control in Brentford you can ask for two free post service appointments within three months of the initial treatment.

You’ll be provided with clear instructions for what to do on the morning of our arrival. Don’t worry – these are only simple things like taking pets, including fish, away from the property, and vacuuming all areas. You can’t be present when the spray treatment is undertaken, as the poisons do have a low toxicity when airborne. The premises should then stay empty for about two hours, and when you come back you just need to open the windows and doors for about 10 minutes. You’ll be asked not to vacuum treated areas for at least 4 days.

Cockroach Control in Brentford for Domestic and Commercial Properties

This professional service for cockroach control in Brentford is suitable for home and business alike. What’s more, if you combine different types of pest services you’ll get discounted rates. Add our flea control service and our wasp removal for example to benefit from your own special discount! You can also take advantage of:

Cockroach Control Brentford

  • Customer service that’s available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  • Early morning and evening appointments, as well as weekends and Bank Holidays
  • Services carried out by technicians from a vetted and fully insured pest control service provider
  • The use of products and equipment which are all eco-friendly, taking care of your health and safety