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Flea Control

Highly Recommended Flea Control in Brentford

Fleas are wingless parasites that feed on the blood of their hosts – and unfortunately they all bite humans! These bites can cause severe itching and irritation, making them serious health hazards. Need help with flea control in Brentford? No problem – our pest exterminators will be with you at the time that suits you.

How Does Our Flea Control in Brentford Work?

Flea Control Brentford Experts from our flea control service in Brentford know just where to look for signs of flea infestation. These areas include carpets, furniture, and upholstery – and of course, your pets! Excessive scratching and licking are sure signs that your dog or cat is suffering from flea bites. The eco-friendly products and equipment used ensure that both the environment and your pets are treated, always delivering a successful outcome. After a full property inspection to determine the level of infestation and the location of the pests, your trained technician will decide on the most appropriate method of removal. These include the use of:

  • Industrial vacuum cleaners: frequent hoovering can kill up to 96% of adult fleas and completely eliminate young ones.
  • Insecticides: treated surfaces retain a three month residual effect ensuring an immediate kill and preventing re-infestation.
  • Professional flea fumigation: uses a variety of insecticides all approved by an official UK pest supplier.

We’ll give you clear and simple instructions to follow on the morning of our arrival. You and your pets, including fish, will need to be away from the property as treatment is performed. This is because the poisons do have a low toxicity when airborne, and your health and safety is most important to us. Leaving the property empty for two hours after treatment will allow poisons to settle, and opening doors and windows on your return is also advised. Vacuuming before is appreciated, but you can then leave it for at least four days afterwards!

Flea Control in Brentford Performed by Professionals

Pest infestations need to be dealt with swiftly and discreetly. That’s why specialists from our flea control in Brentford will arrive in well-maintained, unbranded vehicles. Take a look at many other benefits you’ll also get when you hire this quality service:

Flea Control Brentford

  • 24/7 customer service – hotlines open day and night for your convenience
  • Wide-ranging booking slots: schedule weekday, weekend, and Bank Holiday appointments
  • Special discounts for additional services ordered: use our bed bug control and cockroach control for instance, and get great discounts!
  • Work carried out under strict supervision: quality control assessors monitor and inspect all delivered treatments ongoing