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Mice Control

Mice Control in Brentford for Private and Commercial Properties

Mice will inhabit basements, cracks in the walls, and attics – they‘re attracted to warm, humid hiding spots. Severe mice damage to your property is not uncommon, so you’ll need to get them evicted as soon as possible! Technicians from our mice control service in Brentford know exactly how to get the job done quickly and effectively.

Mice Control in Brentford – The Facts

Mice Control Brentford When you book our mice control in Brentford you’ll be made aware that the service isn’t hourly based. This means your technician will stay on your premises, whether it’s a home or at work, until the eradication is complete. A complete property inspection will be carried out – this allows the level of infestation to be assessed before the actual treatment takes place. After the entry points have been determined, the three stage technique will be implemented:

  • Sealing: any suspect holes will be blocked using expanding foam, wire wool, and other sealants.
  • Baiting: bait boxes and glue traps will be placed around the property.
  • Poisoning: for serious infestations, insecticides will be laid down but not sprayed.

If you schedule a guaranteed service, your technician will collect and dispose of any dead rodents during the two free follow-up appointments this service provides. Unfortunately there aren’t any return visits if you select the one-off service.

Prevention advice will be given to you on-site by your pest technician. This’ll include instructions to not leave excess food waste outside overnight, and to place all household rubbish in sealed bins. Tidy gardens won’t attract mice for nest-building, and any service holes which may allow entry into your property should be blocked.

Mice Control in Brentford – The Benefits

When you need a cost-effective method of pest elimination, use our service for mice control in Brentford. All you need to do is combine services such as our rodent control service and our rats control, and you’ll qualify for great price reductions. You’ll get a personalised discount for every additional service you schedule. On top of this you’ll receive:

Mice Control Brentford

  • A customer service team that’s ready to help 24/7, by phone or email
  • A pricing policy that’s fair, and without any hidden charges
  • A key pick-up and delivery option for times when you aren’t available
  • A choice of services from one-off to fully guaranteed
  • A quality control regime where services are inspected and supervised
  • An appointment scheme that covers weekdays, weekends, and Bank Holidays
  • A service performed by qualified pest exterminators certified by the British Pest Control Association