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Pest Inspection

A Pest Inspection in Brentford Suitable for All

When you need complete eradication of a pest infestation, followed by help and advice on protecting your home, you’ll require the assistance of experts from our pest inspection in Brentford. Let a fully equipped inspector determine the level and type of infestation, and suggest the most suitable treatment options.

Our Pest Inspection in Detail

We’ll send a pest controller with years of experience in dealing with all types of vermin to check your property – priority areas will include drainage pipes, air ducts, and wall cavities. This full pest inspection in Brentford includes the use of an endoscopic camera to examine areas that are particularly hard to reach, and a thermal imaging camera that tracks heat signatures with 100% accuracy. The assessments are all completed thoroughly before any treatment is decided upon.

Pest Inspection Brentford The time taken for the inspection depends on factors such as the size of the premises, but as the service isn’t hourly based time isn’t an issue. Your technician will stay until all the paperwork is complete and you’re happy. You’ll be issued with a written copy on-site, which informs you of which anti-infestation methods will be used, and what treatments and proofs will be undertaken. All work carried out is in accordance with current UK pest control laws and regulations.

Same day appointments can be made for our pest inspection in Brentford if you’re particularly concerned about an invasion. It’s in the interests of your health and safety to let our professionals come as soon as possible to prevent any infiltration from getting out of hand!

A Pest Inspection Service in Brentford That’s Quick and Efficient

When you use our pest inspection service in Brentford you’ll soon realise just how many other benefits you’ll get. Not only can you take advantage of deals and discounts when you book additional services such as our insect control service and our rats control, but if you book a fully guaranteed service you’ll be entitled to two free follow-up appointments within three months of your initial treatment. Take advantage of…

Pest Inspection Brentford

  • A service provided by pest technicians highly trained in dealing with risk and COSHH (Control of Substances Hazardous to Health) assessmentsl;
  • A service with 7 days a week availability, including Bank Holidays for no extra costl;
  • A service with 24/7 customer support by phone or onlinel;
  • A service that cares for your health and safety, and provides protection for your home.