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Rats Control

Fast-Acting Rats Control in Brentford

Rats are very social animals which live in colonies. They’re also nocturnal, and rarely venture out in the daytime. When threatened they may become quite vicious, so as soon as you become aware of any infestation issues you need to contact the experts from our rats control service in Brentford.

Rats Control in Brentford – A Brief Outline

A complete property inspection will be carried out by a qualified pest inspector sent from our rats control service in Brentford. This is essential to determine the level of infestation and the choice of treatment, which usually consists of three steps:

  • Hole sealing – using wire wool, sealants, and expanding foam all entry and exit points will be blocked.
  • Trap placing – bait boxes or glue traps will be positioned in the affected areas.
  • Poison laying – pesticides will be applied to surfaces but no sprays will be used.

If you opt for our fully guaranteed service you’ll get two free post treatment visits, which must be used within three months. During this time your technician will collect and dispose of any accessible dead rats for you. There aren’t any return visits with our one-off service.

You’ll be given comprehensive advice on how to prevent re-infestation, like putting household rubbish in sealed bins, not leaving food out for the birds on the ground, and keeping food waste covered. If you have a garden area you really need to keep it clear of debris which can encourage rats to nest, and if you’ve got open old pipes or drainage systems you should block them up.

Rats Control in Brentford – Price-Dropping Opportunities

Combining different types of pest services with your rats control in Brentford will give you super savings. With each additional service you book, such as our mice control or our pest inspection service, you’ll get your own personalised discount. And if you’re a returning customer, you’ll get special rates! Whatever services you choose, you’ll benefit from:

Rats Control Brentford

  • A quick and efficient service – easy to book during the week and at weekends, and all hassle-free
  • Clear instructions for each treatment – whether it’s inside or outside, and depending on the pest
  • Quality workmanship – recognised by thousands of our happy clients, and recommended to family and friends
  • A 24/7 customer service – reach us by phone or email, we’re here for you day and night
  • Experienced pest technicians – all fully trained and highly qualified
  • Same day and emergency treatments – when you just can’t wait for support