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Rodent Control

Book a Fully Comprehensive Rodent Control in Brentford

Technicians from our rodent control in Brentford will normally take care of rats, mice, and squirrels in just one visit! And if you book a guaranteed service you can request up to two follow-up visits within a period of three months after your initial treatment. If you’ve got a pest infestation issue, we’re the team for you.

Count On Our Rodent Control Service in Brentford

One thing you may not know about our rodent control in Brentford is that it isn’t based on an hourly fee – your pest exterminator will stay with you until all work is completed. This comprehensive service covers:

  • Inspection – entry and exit points will be established, and the level of infestation assessed.
  • Treatment – a three step process involves sealing holes and cracks, putting down bait boxes or glue traps, and laying poisons.
  • Prevention – you’ll be given plenty of help and advice from our pest technician to keep your property vermin-free. You won’t be given any special instructions because no insecticides are sprayed into the environment.

Rodent Control Brentford You may be unfortunate enough to find squirrels nesting in your roof space or garage, and they can be a real nuisance. They aren’t afraid of people, which makes them hard to get rid of. Our squirrel control is completed using large snap traps and bait. Proofing is not actually part of the service, but it can be added as a compliment if the entry holes are small and easily accessible. Once removed, you’ll need advice on how to prevent future infestations – this involves basic measures such as not leaving excess food waste outside uncovered, and sealing bins with rubbish inside. Keeping the garden area free of debris is also a deterrent.

A Quality Assured Rodent Control in Brentford

You’ll be pleased to learn that technicians from our rodent control in Brentford are regularly assessed in their duties to ensure the highest standards. All pest exterminators are certified by the British Pest Control Association, and have passed Kill Germ training courses. When you hire us you’ll also benefit from:

Rodent Control Brentford

  • Round the clock customer service by phone or online
  • Seven days a week appointments including Bank Holidays for no extra fee
  • All types of services from one-off to fully guaranteed
  • Payment upon job completion – when you’re totally satisfied
  • Flexible pricing with no hidden charges and no VAT
  • A combination of services giving you great discounts – add our wasp removal and mice control to your order and get your own personalised price!