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Wasp Removal

Effective Wasp Removal in Brentford

All wasps are hunters and scavengers feeding on rotten fruits, nectar, and often meat. They have a wonderful sense of smell, and can attack in swarms without warning. Don’t panic if you suspect a wasp’s nest is on your property – the trained technicians from our wasp removal service in Brentford have the experience and the equipment to remove the complete nest if at all possible.

What Wasp Removal in Brentford Entails

Wasp Removal Brentford Wasps display their most aggressive behaviour during the months of August through to October, and can easily sting you without causing any harm to themselves. That’s one of the reasons why you need professional help from our wasp removal experts in Brentford. Insecticides will be sprayed indoors, but no outdoor treatment is possible due to the uncertainty of the weather – rain can easily wash off the poisons. The complete wasp nest will be removed if it’s no higher than 15 feet, and easily accessible.

When we arrive we’ll ask you to remove all pets, including fish, from your property before any treatment begins. This is a health and safety measure, as the poisons do have a low toxicity when airborne. After the treatment has taken place, you’ll need to leave the premises empty for about two hours. And on your return you’ll need to open all windows and doors for about 10 minutes.

Our Wasp Removal Service in Brentford is Quick and Hassle-Free

With a complete package of inspection, treatment, and prevention, our service for wasp removal in Brentford is second to none. And it’s not the only service we provide! If you use our cockroach control and our rodent control service for instance, you can benefit from your own special discount. Take a look at some of the other benefits you’ll get when you hire us:

Wasp Removal Brentford

  • Experienced pest technicians: all having years of experience in dealing with many types of vermin
  • A customer service that’s open day and night: contact us by phone or email
  • Treatments provided by a vetted provider: we’re a fully insured and reputable pest control operator
  • Quality workmanship: recognised by thousands of happy clients who would recommend us to family and friends
  • Flexible booking slots: available during the week, at weekends, and on Bank Holidays, all for the same fee
  • Eco-friendly products and equipment: all approved by an official UK pest supplier